Down memory lane

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From the Journal and Gazette archives

Rose celebrate: There were celebrations at Prestonfield this week when Linlithgow lifted the Laidlaw Leage Division A Championship title.

Aid walk: Up to 800 people crossed the Forth Road Bridge for this year’s Christian Aid walk. TV presenter Sally Magnusson opened the walk.

Housing repairs: Up to £3 million is to be spent on repairing homes in Kirkliston. More than 150 homes on the village’s Gateside estate have been found to have basic design faults. The majority of faults were found to be involving drainage and roofing problems.

Platform raised: British Rail is set to carry out major improvement works at Linlithgow Rail Station. The works will include raising the platform by 18 inches after complaints from commuters having injured themselves getting off trains. The works are expected to last nine months acost up to £1 million.