Down Memory Lane

Articles from the Journal and Gazette archive

Estate damage

This week in 1894

DAMAGE AT DALMENY: It has been suggested that Dalmeny estate should be closed to the public due to increasing damage to the estate’s trees and shrubbery. An estate spokesman put the blame firmly at the feet of ‘reckless visitors’ with little or no regard for the welfare of the grounds.

CRIME WEEK: It was a busy week for lawkeepers with more than usual appearances before Linlithgow Sheriff Court for breaches of the peace. Thomas White, David Arrol Pollock, Joseph O’Hare, Joseph Hart, John Cochrane and Thomas McCulloch appeared in Linlithgow Sherrif Court for disorderly behaviour. Jessie Norris, of Broxburn, also appeared, accused of causing a disturbance.

FEVER EPIDEMIC: Sanitation officers are pleased to announce that there seems to be a reduction in the number of citizens coming down with deadly strains of typhoid and scarlet fever. However, they cautioned that, with cases still being detected and admitted to hospital, the situation remains a priority health alert, with a further ten victims of typhoid and one reported to have scarlet fever.

Rabbit, rabbit

This week in 1944

RABBIT RAMPAGE: Bailie Black, Queensferry, has complained to the Town Council about rabbits allegedly destroying local gardens. The increase in activity may be seasonally prompted. Bailie Black dismissed suggestions that the damage is caused by rabbits in the wild and 
called for the naming of all nearby residents who keep rabbits as pets, insisting that their owners “get rid of them”.

TRAGIC DEATH: A young boy, John Hogg, 13, has died after falling off of a running board of a motor milk lorry and falling underneath the rear wheel of an oncoming vehicle.

ACADEMY CRICKET: Linlithgow Academy faced Bo’ness Academy in a cricket match in Bo’ness. This follows an earlier match played in Linlithgow between the two teams. This latest match resulted in a Linlithgow victory with a difference of three points. The final score was 35-32.

BOWLING: Linlithgowshire Bowling Association is facing some losses in bowling from East Whitburn, and then Blackridge. Te Blackridge score was a respectable 21-20, whilst the East Whitburn score was a more lamentable 19-9.

Football heroes

This week in 1984

BO’NESS FLYING HIGH: Bo’ness United are celebrating after a fantastic cup final against Baillieston at Ibrox, Glasgow. As they returned, the streets swarmed with fans who cheered the players as they passed showing the cup.

CEMETERY VANDALS: Malicious vandals embarked on a path of destruction through Linlithgow Cemetery. They wrecked 17 headstones, and caused £300 worth of damage.

POOL PULLS THROUGH: The Queensferry High School Swim Team has won their appeal, arguing they should not have to pay the £100 bill issued to them as punishment for using their own pool.

CLOCKING ON: Bo’ness is about to have a new town clock installed It is a project by the town’s community council and members have v isited the clockmaker to pick a design which they deem suitable for the town centre conservation area. It will have a white face and Roman numerals.

GOLF CHAMP: The Linlithgow Golf Club Championship has this year been won by David Burns. David has now won the cup three years in a row.

Linlithgow missing?

This week in 2004

WE DON’T EXIST: According to some call directory enquiries, Linlithgow doesn’t exist. The problem is due to the difficulty of spelling Linlithgow, leading some of the call offices to think that Linlithgow doesn’t exist. This has happened with several other Scottish towns, due to the spelling and pronunciation of them.

LEISURELY INVESTMENTS: More than £200,000 has been invested into Bo’ness Recreation Centre. Falkirk Council plan on spending a further £270,000.

DONALDSON’S: Donaldson’s College for the Deaf, plans to move from its site in Edinburgh into one of three possible areas, two of which are in West Lothian. One of these areas is the RACAL building in Linlithgow.

STAGE DREAM: Douglas Greig is raising money to send him to a Scottish Youth Theatre course in Glasgow. Douglas, from Springfield, aspires to be on the stage when he leaves education.

ROSE WILT: Sauc hie sprung a surprise on Linlithgow Rose in the Fife and Lothians Cup beating the locals 4-0 in a game played at Whitburn. Their league title bid was also derailed as Tayport won at Arniston.