Down memory lane

A peek at the Journal and Gazette archives


March 2

OLDEST INHABITANT DIES: Linlithgow’s oldest inhabitant died at the ripe old age of 96. The woman, a Mrs Young, left behind 5 daughters, 9 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren. She had previously been an employee at a paper mill.

CONVICTED COUPLE: A husband and wife were charged with causing a “disturbance” to “the nuisance of residents” at a store in Philpstoun. The pair, who had been drinking, both had criminal convictions to their name. They were given the choice of a fine or facing 7 days imprisonment.

SUNK: A paddle steamer belonging to Messrs Wilson & Sons (Bo’ness) sank at Bo’ness Harbour. Mud suction was thought to have prevented the boat from floating with the rising tide, causing it to be totally submerged. The vessel was not damaged.


March 2

RABBIT SHOW: A ‘rabbit show’ hosted by the Scottish Fur Club was held in the Chalmer’s Hall, Linlithgow Bridge. R Murray of Maddison won the grand challenge with a “well conditioned Angora”. There were no local residents listed amongst the winners.

PALACE GUIDES: The Gazette columnist praised the scheme to select guides from the local community to show Officers of the British Empire around Linlithgow Palace. The columnist remarked that it would prevent local children from begging and “pestering” American visitors for gifts of chewing gum.

LUNAR RAINBOW: A so-called lunar rainbow was visible over the town from 2am until 3am. The activity coincided with stormy weather which damaged chimney pots, fences and slates.


March 3

SCHOOL’S ANNIVERSARY: Queensferry High School celebrated its 25th anniversary with the news that it would receive a £4.2 million improvements package.

WARTIME AID: A couple in their sixties from Queensferry travelled to war-torn Yugoslavia to provide aid to communities in distress. They revealed that during their time there, they were held hostage for 20 hours by militant Croats, who they eventually managed to win round with sweets!

UNDERPASS: A regional councillor from Bo’ness supported a motion to block an underpass with bricks. The underpass had been deemed a “haven” for drink and drug users and had previously been vandalised by graffiti. The area was described as a “no-go zone” for pedestrians.


March 4

TAKEAWAY TROUBLE: Police reported to West Lothian District Council’s licensing sub-group that Linlithgow takeaways were becoming a focal point for anti-social behaviour at weekends. Police had received complaints from residents about drunken youths gathering outside Dhillon’s and the Four-in-One.

LIFEBOAT: Queensferry RNLI was named Scotland’s busiest lifeboat station for the second year running. The team carried out 60 missions, including searching for missing persons and rescuing people stranded on Cramond Island.

DRUNK COP: A policeman from Bo’ness faced a disciplinary probe after being caught drink driving by members of his own force. He was fined £400 and banned from driving.