Explosive show at city’s Fringe festival

Picture: Alistair Pryde
Picture: Alistair Pryde

Young actors and actresses fulfilled their dreams as they performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Explosive Arts, a youth theatre group in South Queensferry, performed a two-day show called Distortion at Just the Tonic last Saturday and Sunday.

The show is about two teenagers with a troublesome background who help each other cope and get through the problems that they encounter.

The display gives an insight into the teenager’s mind and their quest to distinguish illusion from reality.

It was the second time the group had performed at the Fringe with the last five years ago, but it was a first time for many involved.

Claire Hamilton, director of the Explosive Arts youth theatre for eight years, said: “They made the performance up themselves.

“The children absolutely loved it.

“Some of them are only first year of high school so to be able to perform at one of the biggest festivals in the world at 12 years old is an amazing experience for them and they were very excited.”

Asked how it went she said, “I think it was received from the public very well. The majority at the performance were family and friends but there were a few who came off the street and were impressed by the professionalism of the young actors and actresses.

“The youngsters took it all in and were getting involved in different parts of the fringe too.

“There are a lot of young talented people in the group. They have come for different reasons: some love the theatre, others love the technical aspect of it and some come to build confidence.

“The great thing is they all grow as individuals and they all get on so well together.”