Fabulous farce at Bo’ness Barony

010513   The barony players perform "Noises Off".
010513 The barony players perform "Noises Off".

ACCIDENTS, alcohol and lovers’ tiffs make for an hilarious night’s entertainment as the Barony Players offer a behind-the-scenes peek at the theatrical world in Noises Off!

Backstage antics of the hapless, fictitious touring company inevitably spill onto centre stage in Michael Frayn’s farce.

“I think this play is now past the help of a director,” despairs Lloyd, the valium-popping luvvie-lothario in charge of the motley crew.

But for Monday’s Barony Theatre audience, Noises Off! was nothing other than a sheer delight, a comic caper bringing big laughs with its energy, wit and visual humour.

Directed by Sandy Queenan and played out on an ingeniously-constructed set, hats off to the entire ensemble cast, who amaze with their impeccable sense of timing!

The fictitious tour may be ‘on its very last legs’ but this brilliant Players’ show could light up theatres nationwide.

Performances tonight (Friday, May 10) and tomorrow (Saturday, May 11) are sold out but you can check for returns on 01506 829197.