Fit right in with new gym at Linlithgow

A MOMENT on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ is never more true than at New Year.

The festivities may be over but they have left their mark and new year’s resolutions often focus on panicked calorie counting.

But with around £75,000 invested in the gym at Linlithgow Leisure Centre, at a time when most councils are cutting back hugely on investment, there are even less excuses to surrender to the flab any longer. A new year has brought in new equipment, air conditioning and decor.

Robin Strang, general manager at West Lothian Leisure, said: “All of our equipment has been replaced with the most up-to-date kit and the look and feel of the gyms has been hugely improved.

“The previous equipment served our customers well over the years but there comes a time when we need to make improvements. We are delighted with the refurbishments and hope that customers enjoy their fitness experience.’’

Margo Sim (51) from Linlithgow is a long term gym user and she said: “I regularly come here. It’s lovely - you can just ask if you need any help and it’s worth every penny. Staff are very approachable and interested.

“All shapes and sizes and ages come - it’s better than private gyms.”

Like any gym, the fitness instructors are there to make sure you get the most out of your session, and achieve the result you want.

Gym instructor Scott Boyle said: “After induction, every user receives a key which is set up like a personal trainer. You have your own unique programme designed for you on the key.”

Missing your favourite soap is not an excuse with machines from treadmills to state of the art cardio workouts including all freeview channels, radio and an ipod dock. Challenges such as the Tour de France or New York Marathon spur a user to cycle or run a part of the route and return to where they left off another time.

Clever adjustments such as moving the pedals on the bikes further back into a more natural cycling position, or lights on the treadmills blinking when the runner is coming to the end of their course, all add to the experience.

The power plate which uses space technology and vibration to work core muscles is just one of the fun machines used to shift weight, and with the Olympic half rack of weights, any combination of exercises can be created to improve versatility. The biggest gym uptake of the year is found in the second week of January..

Scott added: “Around 50 per cent maintain their attendance and there is a 50 per cent drop off rate. It’s about keeping them interested.”