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A peek into the Journal and Gazette archives

Lampposts for £1!

This week in 1894

LIGHT WORK: A special meeting of the Bo’ness Police Commissioners heard that Mr A Ballantine had offered to provide the lamp posts necessary for the sum of 22s. The next lowest offer was by Mr Wm Morrison, West End Foundry, 24s. Mr Baxter proposed that Mr Ballantine get the posts which was agreed to.

CHURCH OUTING: Children from the Free Church Sunday School went to Hopetoun on their annual excursion on Thursday. The report of the jolly escapade reported that ‘The children, teachers and friends were conveyed to their destination in machines.’ They apparently had a very pleasant day and did not get home till between seven and eight o’clock in the evening. ‘The children were favoured with splendid weather for their picnic.’

BOWLWS OVER: Kirkliston Bowling Club was victorious over two rinks from Leith. It was described as an interesting game but the home rinks proved victorious by 27 shots. Mr Thomson was 18 up and Mr W Scott 9.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Schools in Kirkliston closed this week for the annual holidays.

Biggest business

This week in 1944

BIGGEST BUSINESS: ‘The Story of the GPO’ reported that the turnover of the GPO had more than doubled to £2.138m. The business was represented by 24,000 post offices and nearly 6000 telephone exchanges,

BRIDGE PROMOTION: At a meeting presided over by Lord Provost of Edinburgh Sir William Y Darling, only 14 out of Scotland’s 74 MPs attended to discuss the scheme for a bridge at South Queensferry. The Lord Provost told the MPs present that their interest was ‘only very slight and tepid’.

DIFFICULT YEAR: At the 48th AGM of the Bo’ness Gas Light Co Ltd held at Links Road, the chairman explained that recurring wage rises, shortage of labour, and rising coal costs made business very difficult. Gas was sold at a figure below the cost of production. Miss Daisy Ballatine moved reappointment of two retiring directors John Watt and Mr D Linkstone. Mr Moir was reappointed chairman for the current year.

DOCTOR HONOURED: Dr G A Dickson was entertained to a dinner having served 50 years, 44 of which in Queensferry, as a physician.

Circus comes to town

This week in 1984

CIRCUS: Circus Fiesta were due to put on their last two performances. The circus had been extremely popular with full houses turning up to be entertained by laughter thrills and animal magic.

UNITED IN TRAING: A photo on the back page showed a youthful Lex Shields demonstrating his skills at ‘keepie-uppie’ in a photo taken at the team’s opening training session.

ALARMED: Bo’ness councillor John Constable expressed his alarm at the changes to housing regulations which would mean that housebuilders would not have to provide a livingroom, larder, water supply to the toilet, space for a fridge or freezer and worktop space in the kitchen. Mr Constable said: “It’s a rather serious matter. The proposals mean that the building would be in other words a bedsit. There is no requirement for a kitchen to have a window which is ridiculous.” The council agreed that the proposals were a ‘‘retrograde step which would lead to the lowering of housing standards in Scotland.’’

Smoking ban

This week in 2004

CONSULTATION ON SMOKING: A Government advert explained that smoking was reported to be the biggest cause of premature death and ill-health in Scotland. In a bid to reduce the effects of second-hand smoke(passive smoking) the government were consulting on possible action with a consultation asking the question: ‘‘Should we ban smoking in public places (including pubs,clubs and restaurants)?’’

NEW CEMETERY: A bid was made by Falkirk Council’s own officers to prepare land at Carriden for use as the new cemetery.

KIRKLISTON MEDICAL PRACTICE: The Journal and Gazette reported the opening of a ‘spanking new medical practice. Margaret MacTavish, business manager at Kirkliston Medical Centre, said: ‘‘Back in 1981 we had just over 2900 patients on our register. We now have over 4000 and this figure will increase with the proposed new housing developments set for the village.’’

IN-CAR CAT: Regent Motors had to fix a CAT problem in an Audi brought to them - but it was a real cat not a catalytic converter!