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A peek at the Journal and Gazette archive


January 19

SEWAGE: Linlithgow Police Commissioners discussed a proposed sewage scheme for the town during their weekly meeting. Progress was slow as they tried to devise a scheme which would provide the highest level of benefit with the least amount of cost.

CURLING: Mr. James Hamilton won the Linlithgow Curling Club medal with a score of 27 points, which at that time was regarded as being a top score.

RETURN: Boys on the naval training ship Caledonia, based at Queensferry, returned to the ship after 29 days leave. It is said that there were some cases of desertion but many boys returned with “fresh boys” to join the ship.


January 19

WARNING: Locals were requested to restrict their gas and electricity consumption, even during exceptionally cold and foggy weather. They were warned that increased consumption would have lead to too much pressure on plant capacity and restrict supply, which were already strained due to war-time production needs.

WINNING: Linlithgow Thistle Football Club continued their cup-tie winning sequence by beating Harthill B.C. four goals to two at Boghall.

SUCCESS: Captain R.J. Gardiner, a gentleman from Bo’ness, commanded a ship involved in a successful naval action off the Norwegian coast as part of the war effort.


January 20

NEW: Linlithgow Union Canal Society splashed out on a new boat following a £10,000 grant from a Lothian Regional Council committee.

FOUND: Officials confirmed that the bones found during earthworks at the Burgh Halls belonged to an animal as opposed to a human. The earthwork was taking place as part of a £350,000 refurbishment of the Tourist Information Centre.

ANNOYED: Linlithgow residents were annoyed at new proposed parking restrictions in the High Street. A meeting was held at The Coffee Neuk in order to develop a strategy before approaching a the Regional Council with their proposals.


January 21

SPONSORSHIP: Brothers and boxing prospects, David and Paul Appleby, struck a major sponsorship deal with Queensferry taxi firm Network Private Hire.

CAUGHT: An under-age drinker was caught by police in a Linlithgow pub as part of the PubWatch scheme. As a result of being caught, the youngster found himself barred and blacklisted from all local watering holes.

RECOGNISED: Craig Mathieson from Bo’ness had his South Pole trek recognised by the Scottish Parliament. Craig trekked more than 700 miles across Antarctica in sub-zero temperatures as part of his expedition.