From the editor’s chair

Jackie Mitchell, editor
Jackie Mitchell, editor

Column by Jackie Mitchell, Journal and Gazette editor

DESPITE coming from some pretty good athletic stock (world champions no less), the sporty gene appears to have passed me by.

Other members of our local sports centre will know I spend more time in the sauna, than in the pool, and more time in the cafe than in the gym.

However, who couldn’t be inspired by the enthusiasm, excitement, effort and long term planning which went into the Lin Olympics, taking place this week?

Their own Olympic torch has toured the district for weeks, and culminated in a parade on Wednesday from Linlithgow Cross to Prestonfield, where every school in the town took part.

With Bo’ness Academy hosting its own event next week, sporting ambition is certainly being fostered locally.

And with two current Commonwealth medallists - Jak Scott and Colin Fleming - living on our patch, there’s plenty of local inspiration too.

Is it time to dig out my gutties and take myself out for a run?