From the editor’s office, weekly column, by Jackie Mitchell

Jackie Mitchell, editor
Jackie Mitchell, editor

I’VE been dithering a bit this week, humming and hawing over whether to give up something I love.

I’m a funny mixture of traditionalist and gadget geek, so it’s been a genuinely tough decision for me to know whether it’s worth investing in a Kindle, as I really do love printed books.

The Kindle, dear reader, is a tiny electronic gadget, around the size of a skinny paperback but holding over 1000 books of my choice at a time. The blurb tantalisingly tells me that it holds enough charge to last a month (do they not realise I get through a book a day on holiday?)

It also doesn’t take up too much of your 22kg baggage allowance on a flight, so perfect for a trip away. However, I’m a wee bit worried about whether I will actually like it; and whether I will mess it up as I lick my fingers to try to turn the pages! I also worry that I’ll bankrupt myself online at Amazon as the books are just too easy to buy. I hope our local libraries will start e-lending very soon, if only to support my habit. I’ve taken the plunge, and will report back in due course.