Global audience enjoys Bo’ness Fair

editorial image

Thousands flocked to the Glebe Park to witness the crowning ceremony of Queen Zoe Carlin.

Bo’ness Fair chairman Scott McBride said it was a “spectacular” day when Queen Zoe and her retinue did an “amazing job” as did the presentees, Fairies and the Flower girls.

He added: “Once again the big screen proved to be a big hit with crowds. The live streaming allowed people all over the world watch our Children’s Fair Festival.

“The streets were lined with people as our very impressive procession got underway leading to the Douglas Park where once again thousands of people watch our fantastic afternoon entertainment.

“Thanks go out to Queen Zoe her retinue, the children of Bo’ness and the parents and friends, who have worked tirelessly on arches and house frontages.

“Thank you to the fair committee and the schools for their continued support and hard work in the months leading up to the Friday.

“Thanks also to our many sponsors and the people of Bo’ness, who continue to support the Bo’ness Fair.

“This is truly the best day of the year. Hip hip!”

For a magnificent souvenir photo spread of this magnificent occasion, don’t miss this week’s print edition of The Bo’ness Journal.