IN PICTURES: The Romans invade again

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The Roman invasion of the district was this time welcomed as events to celebrate the heritage attracted people of all ages.

With the Antonine Wall a major attraction and reminder of the Falkirk area’s past, Big Roman Week 2017 ran with events which included talks and family, kids, walking, craft and cookery events.

We managed to get along to the Roman Lego build at Falkirk Library and the open day Kinneil House in Bo’ness to get these pictures of all the fun.

The Big Roman Week is an annual festival, held each September. It marks the birthday of Emperor Antoninus Pius – born September 19, 86AD – who built his Roman frontier, The Antonine Wall, across Falkirk district.

Events were run by Falkirk Community Trust with the support of The Friends of Kinneil and Greenhill Historical Society and Falkirk Council.