Letters to the editor


From our edition of February 8, 2013

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Kind concern

Sir, - I would like to apologise for the interruption we caused at the Arts Guild Concert last weekend when my husband became ill.

Roger made a very speedy recovery in hospital and is at home taking things easy for a while.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind concern and also for all the help and assistance we have received. - Yours etc.,

Margaret Stableford


Comic Relief

Sir, – 25 years ago today I leapt on to your TV screens with a big Red Nose on my face and asked you to part with your hard earned cash to help some people in Africa you’d never met. Much to my amazement and delight, you did! The first ever Red Nose Day raised an impressive £15 million pounds, thanks to you fine folk sitting on your sofas in Scotland.

Over the years Red Nose Day has raised an extraordinary £600 million to help fund some amazing projects in Africa, but also right here on your doorstep in the UK. From young carers to women experiencing domestic violence, from older people living in isolation to families living in extreme poverty - a real difference has been made. And these are just some of the many ways your money has helped change lives.

A massive thank you to the people of Scotland - keep up the good work! Yours etc.,

Lenny Henry

Comic Relief

Out by a mile, or two!

Sir, –Your letters page has not experienced a decent dose of pedantry of late so I thought I should bring to your attention a significant error in the piece by Iain Russell and Esther Hutcheson on the back page of the Journal and Gazette on February 1. In describing the convincing win by Linlithgow Rose against Arthurlie in the 4th round of the Scottish Junior Cup your far travelled reporters boldly stated that “they (the Rose) put four past their Glasgow opposition.” For the avoidance of any doubt when next any of your readers fancy a little jaunt to Baurheid please be aware that Dunterlie Park, home of Arthurlie FC, is situated in the town of Barrhead in East Renfrewshire 13 kilometres (8.1 miles) southwest of Glasgow on the edge of the Gleniffer Braes.

I’m sure that the local population of Black Bitches would take no little offence if they were ever described as being residents of Edinburgh or, even worse, Falkirk or Bo’ness! – Yours etc.,

John K Thomson

7 Clover Place


Not for town

Sir, Someone buys cheap agricultural land, preferably in an area where housing commands a premium. They prepare glossy plans to do all manner of things, but central to these are the building of housing. The council approve, often despite local opinion and the land is magically transformed into a sellable asset. The houses get built although the other aspects of the original plan sometimes get forgotten about.

The recent submission and counter submissions to build houses in Linlithgow highlight the fact that these groups are involved in speculation and not the development of Linlithgow. It is the townspeople that will have to wait longer for a doctors’ appointment. It’s schoolchildren that will have to put up with more overcrowding in classes and parents that will wonder if they can get them into the school of their choice. – Yours etc.,

Sean Frost

117 Sheriffs Park


EH49 7SR

Appeal for family

Sir. – I have been requested by our local council Lincolnshire and in support of a local police appeal to trace next of kin for a gentleman who sadly died in Grimsby earlier this year.

William Ure Wilson, born December 11, 1936, and died January 5, 2013, is believed to have had some strong Bo’ness links.

He was adopted by James and Agnes Wilson, who married in Bo’ness in 1908. They had another son, John. The family also had relations called Queenan and Wilson; Agnes Wilson, who lived in North Street, Bo’ness, died in 1955.

We are keen to trace any living relatives of William, and would 
appreciate your readers’ assistance if they know of any descendants.

Yours etc.,

Les Raithby

Genealogy Researcher


North East Lincolnshire

Tel : 07730 218338