Linlithgow's life loving Lisbeth turns 100

A Linlithgow lady has been celebrating a landmark few of us will ever see after turning 100 with some fanfare

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 12:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 12:14 pm

The champagne was flowing at Linlithgow Care Home in honour of its oldest resident, Lisbeth Swan, who is originally from Greenock but has lived in the town for the last 40 years.

The former shorthand typist who has two daughters,five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren had followed her bank manager cousin Bill Brown and his wife to the town and stayed in Lennox Gardens for many happy years.

Against a backdrop of hearty laughter plus plenty of cards and balloons from wellwishers, Lisbeth kept family and friends entertained as the celebrations got under way. Guests had travelled from locations as far away as London and Paris to attend!

One topic that Lisbeth is well-known for being an authority on is golf - she has been playing the game since she was 14-years-old and only stopped playing at Linlithgow Golf Club in her 90s - earning her the nickname in this very newspaper of ‘the oldest swinger in town!’

Daughter Aileen Bunker said: “My mum’s car used to be chosen by the size of the boot to put her clubs in. If she wasn’t playing it, she was watching it or helping teach or inspire youngsters at the local club.

“Appointments were only made if they didn’t interfere with tee-off times. Her motto was ‘life’s a game but golf is serious.’ And with competitive bridge, bowls, country dancing and yoga, WI, St Michael’s Parish Church and coffee mornings, Lisbeth has had a full and busy life.

“Known affectionately as Supergran for her legendary lentil soup and paradise slice, she was tickled pink to get a hole in one in her 60s, rode a Flying Fox in her 70s and even helped out with Meals on Wheels in her 80s!

“She has done crossword puzzles every day, had everything in moderation and not too much tonic in it!

“If I was to describe my mum in three words, I would say ‘elegant, feisty and amazing!

“Her birthday celebrations were absolutely fabulous - we all loved it.”

Others at Lisbeth’s bash included Linlithgow’s very own Provost Tom Kerr who said: “It was a delight to visit Mrs Swan and speak to her family.

“It is fascinating speaking to someone who lived such a long and interesting life.

I look forward to visiting again when she reaches 105.”

Lord Lieutenant Moira Niven who joined him said: “I was hugely impressed by Mrs Swan. She spoke with great enthusiasm about her golfing, bridge-playing and yoga.

“She has such a warmth and a zest for life, and it was a real privilege to meet a special lady on a special day.”

Lisbeth of course came into the world at a time of tremendous tumult - when World War One was reaching its final stages as the Spring Offensive got underway - and Russia was plunged into civil war following two revolutions

The year of Lisbeth’s birth was when women were first given the right to vote and the Royal Air Force was formed.