Low Port Primary fly eco flag

031012  Lowport ps get eco flag.
031012 Lowport ps get eco flag.

ECO warriors at Low Port Primary saw their work pay off when they unfurled their fourth green flag this month.

The flag is awarded by the Eco-Schools programme who assessed their work on food and the environment, litter and the school garden.

The school’s eco-coordinator Tania Noble said: “We had an eco week in the school and unveiled the flag at the end of it, after we were awarded it in September. As a school we’ve been looking at how our food affects the environment, using local produce, making our own food, and the number of miles that food travels.

“We also focused on litter with regular litter picking, and last year we got a new bin for the school designed by pupils in the school colours, and we have an eco-committee that looks at school litter. We also do work in the school grounds and garden, with a lot of help from the Parent Council, who have helped us with planting and redoing the playground markings.

“Everybody in the school gets involved including teachers and parents, and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made this green flag happen.”