Magic will be made in Blackness and South Queensferry by BBC One

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A programme with magic as its theme is to be filmed in the area covered by two of our titles and you could be part of the fun!

A pilot episode of ‘Every Trick in The Book’, featuring five of Britain’s greatest magicians, will be filmed chiefly in Glasgow and Edinburgh from Monday, August 20.

And it has been revealed that the production team will visit South Queensferry and Blackness on August 23 where sections of the BBC One show will be filmed.

And that is the part where our readers could come in very handy as people are needed as both audience members who might be called upon to help the stars of the show!

Researcher Lauren Taylor from North by NorthNorth Media, explained: “Each of our magicians will be performing a number of incredible feats of magic in front of a live audience some of whom will participate.

“We are looking for individuals and groups of friends to take part.”

People can apply to be a part of the show by following the link or

The show is being put together by former BBC entertaimnent chief Alan Tyler, who now has his own production company in Scotland.

The show is the first primetime magic-themed programme since ‘The Magicians’ was launched back in 2011.

Before that, it was more than 15 years ago before magic was a regular feature on the channel with the Paul Daniels Magic Show.