Making it happen

290113 Ex smoker kenny johnston and his dog buddy.
290113 Ex smoker kenny johnston and his dog buddy.

ONE man who has stubbed out the 
wiley weed for good is Kenny Johnston of 
Kinneil Drive, Bo’ness.

The builder who turns 50 next month smoked roll ups since he was 11, but managed to kick the habit last September, after he won a Journal and Gazette competition for a session with clinical hypnotherapist Fiona Bell.

Kenny said: “I’d tried on numerous occasions to stop smoking with nicotine patches, tablets, etc. and I would get really crabbit coming off them, so I decided to enter.

“I’ve never won anything before in my life so after I got a call from Fiona, I thought I would give it a bash.”

So far the therapy has 
been a success as the last time Kenny smoked was Tuesday, September 25.

He added: “Fiona called me, we set up an appointment, and she told me to have my last cigarette before I came for my session, and I thought, ‘she’s full of confidence!’ So I had one after dinner and that was the last time I had a fag.”

Since Kenny began smoking as a youngster, it was always on his mind to stop, but he’s amazed that after a few months he has so far been able to resist temptation.

Kenny added: “Different things work for different people – I was quite sceptical at the beginning but I’d recommend this method to anyone. After an hour-long session, I was given a CD with Fiona speaking on it. I listened to it for a couple of times a week for two weeks. You feel a bit stupid, but that was it.”

Before long, Kenny noticed a difference at work and in the way his food tasted when he took a break.

He said: “My taste is a lot better – I’ve probably put weight on but I feel healthier. When I was working I would be getting breathless, but that’s got a lot better as well. Your senses get better – if someone has had a fag, I can smell it from five feet away!”

Kenny also finds it helpful that he’s not always 
surrounded by fag fumes.

He said: “When I go out for a drink, I don’t have to go outside, and I don’t have to deal with the smell of smoke inside. I’m glad I don’t have to be out in the cold and wet.”

There are also financial benefits as a pack of 20 can now set you back around £8.

Kenny added: “I was smoking half an ounce of tobacco a day, and with the roll up papers, it was about £6 a day, so over a year it adds up. If you feel tempted, you can go back for another session, but I’ve never felt the need. Now and again you get an urge, but you cancel it out, so I’m more than happy.”

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