Making memories at Linlithgow Rugby Club

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Coffee, cake and the Calcutta Cup was the perfect formula for an excellent morning’s entertainment at Linlithgow Memories Club.

Stories of yesteryear were vividly brought to life by two Scottish Rugby Union ambassadors, Chris Paterson and Graham Law.

And they brought along a replica of the legendary cup which was first awarded in India where it was fashioned for the sum of 270 silver rupees!

Club spokesperson Hamish Macintyre said: “The original cup is too frail and has to remain in its display cabinet.

“Chris also had on display his three caps - the first, the 50th and the 100th. You only get one cap at rugby unless you have 50.

“He explained that the first cap has a silver tassle, the 50th a gold tassle and his 100th a slightly longer gold tassle.

“The third was also gold as the SRU never thought anyone would get to 100 caps.

“After our coffee and cakes, Graham Law told us a bit about the history of the cup.

“We were told that it weighs less than the cost suggests.

“So there is another cup made from the remainder which we believed is owned by Blackford Golf Club.”

The highly successful event was rounded off by a lively question and answer session.

Seniors who would like to get involved with the club, which provides a lively social scene with a spot of healthy exercise, will be made very welcome at the clubhouse.

Anyone who wishes to join should email Bert Lawson on