Marches Day Events Timetable

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5am - Wakening by Flutes and Drummer who parade the Burgh, the ‘Brig and Blackness’

6am - Wakening by Piper and Drummer

7am - Onwards - bands play in various parts of the Burgh

8.15am - The Provost’s Breakfast in the Burgh halls. The Dyer’s Breakfast in Bridge Inn, Linlithgow Bridge

9am - Judging of Decorated Vehicles, etc., Low Port

10.25am - Civic Party and Dyers’ Party march to the Palace and fraternise

10.35am - Return to Cross for Fencing the court

10.45am - Presentation of Trophies at Town Hall steps

11am - Procession moves off westward

11.35am - Arrive Linlithgow Bridge

11.50am - Dyers arrive at Bridge

Noon - Toasts, etc.

12.30pm - Procession moves off to Blackness

1.30pm - Arrive Blackness Hill and march to Blackness War Memorial, where wreaths are laid

1.50pm - March to Low Valley House and partake of “Blackness Milk”

2.10pm - March to Castle Hill (Court and Installation of Baron Bailie)

2.30pm - March to Low Valley House

2.40pm - Lunch in Marquee. And Visitation of Dyers to Civic Party

3.40pm - Visitation of Civic Party to Dyers

4.25pm - Leave Blackness

4.45pm - Return to Linlithgow

4.50pm - Re-form at Low Port

5pm - Final Procession

5.50pm - Finale at Cross