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JOHN Savage hopes to come out top of the league when he takes his place in the Mastermind black chair as a semi-final contender in the current series of the popular BBC show.

In his first appearance, John (52) chose the history of Celtic FC as his specialist subject, which no-one has ever chosen before. As a lifelong Celtic fan, it was appropriate for him and he did his club proud, winning through to the semi-final.

He then decided on Nazi Germany 1933-45 as his specialist subject for the semi final appearance.

The result cannot be revealed until after the programme is transmitted but John (pictured above) has happy memories about his time involved with the show.

He explained the process: “You are asked to arrive two hours before recordings as I suppose it helps contenders relax and prepare accordingly.

‘‘After an hour we were taken aside, told of the order of seating and a brief rundown on what we say during our introduction.

‘‘We are then in the hands of the ‘miracle workers’ - dress and make-up, and a personal microphone is fitted. The music starts and you’re on.”

After questions on his specialist subject, John then faced two minutes on general knowledge.

He said: “I cannot reveal the result but I will say that it was exciting and I hope the viewers enjoy it.”

Surprisingly, he added, he never did meet John Humphrys.

John Savage is originally from Bo’ness and is a former pupils of St Mary’s Primary.

He is married to Lynne and is dad of 14-year-old Andrew. He works in internal sales at Scott Direct in Grangemouth.