Nursing home staff celebrate with Barbara

050712 Barbara ballantine 102nd birthday.
050712 Barbara ballantine 102nd birthday.

She may have had a few birthday parties in her time but Barbara Ballantine was still beaming as she celebrated her 102nd year.

Barbara was born on July 5, 1910, in Stockport into a family of five sisters - one of whom still lives in Stockport and, herself, has reached the grand old age of 98.

Barbara developed a career in printing and married Tom Barrett, before having a son - David.

After her husband’s death, she married Tom Ballantine and the couple relocated to Linlithgow Bridge in 1986.

Barbara lived at 14 Mill Road until Tom passed away in 2004 and she moved into the HC-One care home on St Ninian’s Road in 2009.

Son David (70), who lives in Eastbourne, said: “My mother’s mother lived until she was 101 so she has just exceeded her.

“Barbara’s claim to fame was that she was responsible for the gold leaf and binding of the Role of Remembrance in the War Memorial in Stockport. There were three copies made, two are in Stockport, and she was given the other. She is proud of that.”

After moving to Linlithgow, Barbara was very involved in the local community as a member of the Golden Oldies, Linlithgow Link, the 100 Club and the Lunch Club, which used to run in the town. Nowadays she enjoys singing, watching Songs of Praise and the 
entertainment that is put on by the care home.

David added: “There is one lady there who is 103 so she is jealous of her and out to beat her! When she’s asked the secret to such a long life, she just says, ‘breathing!’”

David visits his mother every three weeks, bringing her news of the rest of her family based in England, including three grandchildren - Susan, Gareth and Michael, and three great grandchildren Amelia (5) Rose (4) and Franscesca (1).

This week, staff at 
HC-One held a party for Barbara, which Provost Tom Kerr also attended.