Peep at the Past

Bo'ness Academy Netball team 1930
Bo'ness Academy Netball team 1930

This is a photograph of the Bo’ness Academy netball team.

Reader Sandra McKellar tells us: ‘‘I believe it could be 1929 or 1930. My mum, Lizzie Aikman, was a member of the team and is in the photograph.’’ Mum was Lizzie Robertson then and is second on the left.

The names she can recall, but may be incorrect, are from left to right: ? Fraser, Lizzie Robertson, ?, Mary McDonald, ? Sneddon, ? Scobie, Gracie Anderson.

Lizzie is now 95 years old. ‘‘I often wonder if any of the other team members have been fortunate to celebrate their 95th this year,’’ said Sandra.