Peep at the past

A dip into the Journal and Gazette archives

DOUBLE FUNERAL: A sad funeral took place this week in Bo’ness when a husband and wife were laid to rest. John Cafferty, a member of the Free Gardeners, died and his wife died the next again day. The deceased coffins were carried together in the procession.

BATTALION GATHERING: The annual inspection of the Volunteer Battalion of the Royal Scots was staged in Bathgate at the weekend. Among the 507 part-time soldiers which attended the inspection were representatives from both Linlithgow and Bo’ness.

BOILER EXPLOSION: An inquest into the death of William Rae, a worker at the Lochmill Paperworks in Linlithgow, found he had been so badly scalded when a boiler exploded that he died from his injuries less than 24 hours later. 
The report found the mill owner, Mr Chalmers, not responsible for his employee’s death despite the fact that the boiler in question had had previous problems, especially when used at very high pressure.