Piper Callum bags top gig

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FROM the age of seven, Callum Beaumont has had a love affair with the Highland bagpipes.

So much so, that he has turned his hobby into a dream job.

The 24-year-old Bo’ness man is a full-time instructor at The National Piping Centre in Glasgow and his talent has taken him to the four corners of the world.

He’s just back from playing at a festival in Australia after a New York gig before that, but his next big public appearance brings him closer to home.

Callum has been invited to play at a series of recitals at the 10th annual Piping Live festival in Glasgow this month.

The Piping Live music fest is the forerunner to the World Piping Championships and runs from Sunday to Sunday, August 11-18.

“It’s a dream job,” said Callum.

“It’s like being paid to practise your hobby.

‘‘I’m lucky to be doing the job I love.

‘‘I’ve been playing since I was seven years old and I was fairly successful with my solo work so I often get invited to play at recitals all around the world, and at McCallum Bagpipes sponsored ev ents.”

At the Piping Live gig, Callum will be playing a mix of traditional classics and some more modern compositions.

The weeklong Piping Live Festival showcases the best talent in piping and is the forerunner to the World Piping Championships on Glasgow Green.

Both events are key calendar dates for pipers and Highland dancers, which attract experts and enthusiasts from around the world to compete for the prestigious winners’ trophies.