Revival is back in Bo’ness

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Kinneil will yet again act as a magnet for car enthusiasts from across the UK beyond at the Bo’ness Revival weekend from September 1.

The historic venue is set once again to roar into life as approximately 100 drivers in a dizzying array of classic cars race to the finish line at the Bo’ness Hill Climb.

Spectators are set to marvel as early Austin Sevens, Bentley and Riley machines compete in ten varied classics representing every era of motorsport history.

The spectacle will bring back the glory days too of 1932 when the course became Scotland’s first ever motorsport venue.

Enthusiasts brought it back and the modern-day event is now in its eleventh year.

A spokesman said: “Standing trackside watching these machines speed by - there’s certainly no other feeling like it.

“Although the adrenaline filled competitive hillclimb motorsport absorbs a great deal of the attention, Sunday’s classic car s how is just as prominent.

“For example, 2018 is a special year for Jaguar. We’ll be celebrating 70 years of the XK and 50 years of the X1. The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club and the Jaguar Drivers Club are expected to stage a superb tribute.”

More than 30 other car clubs will take part, showcasing the likes of Hillman Imps, Grampian Trimphs and the Morgan.

Experts Wayne Scott and Sam Colman will also be staging a presentation in the popular Heritage Arena which aims to delve deeper into the history of the cars.

The event which has free parking will run from 9.30pm to 5pm.Tickets are £10 and under 15s go free.

They can be booked via but are also available at the gates on the day.