Round Table raise cash for Linlithgow girl

Anna Penman -wheelchair funding.
Anna Penman -wheelchair funding.

A Linlithgow girl is hoping she will get a special wheelchair from Santa if enough money is raised.

Anna Penman (4) is wishing for a state of the art ‘Snapdragon’ to get her around after she was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and leukaemia last year.

Mum Ann Marie said: “Anna was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy in July 2011 which means her muscles are very weak.

‘’She can’t walk and her arm movement is severely restricted so she needs help with everything she’s doing. Anna was then diagnosed with leukaemia last December.”

She added: “Nobody has ever had both conditions before, as far as we know, so there is no precedent for treatment.

‘‘The life-saving chemotherapy has had a devastating impact on the little strength she had left in her legs and we don’t know if, or when it might return.”

But Anna doesn’t let illness get in the way of what she wants to do and, like other children her age, she loves making friends, and likes anything pink.

Her story has inspired Linlithgow Round Table who want local residents to donate toward the £21,477 Snapdragon by getting involved in their Santa Collection Appeal 2012.

Laurie Boles, chairman of Linlithgow Round Table, said the local group was committed to help fundraise for the “brave little girl.”

Her family, who live in Kingsfield, have been overwhelmed with the public response so far.

Ann Marie said: “I am very touched and grateful that Round Table is doing this.

‘‘It is wonderful the group is helping us in this way. We want Anna to get mobile as quickly as possible.”

With a Snapdragon, Anna can sit on the carpet for story time, get into the toy cupboards at home, and even give her big brother Nathan (6) a ride on the back.

To donate, go to

For details on the Round Table Santa Collection starting on December 2, see the District Diary (p28-30).