Society is working more than 9-5 to entertain its audiences

The cast give their all in 9 to 5 this week at Bo'ness Town Hall.
The cast give their all in 9 to 5 this week at Bo'ness Town Hall.

Dolly Parton’s ultra-catchy song ‘‘Nine to Five’’ was written on the set of the film of the same name which also saw her acting debut.

It was always a popular little number.

And it has retained its sparkle over the years.

The song was just a small but vital part of the soundtrack.

And now, more than 30 years later, amateur operatic societies nationwide are bringing the show to the stage.

This week, a huge cast of characters from Bo’ness Amateur Operatic Society have been treating local audiences to this old, new kid on the block!

Susan McFarlane, society president, said: “It’s a great wee modern addition to the musicals.

“I think everyone remembers the title song which, of course, was written by Dolly Parton.

“We’ve had a lot of laughs during rehearsals and are delighted to be presenting it to our loyal audiences in Bo’ness Town Hall.”

The curtain went up on Tuesday evening and the show runs until tomorrow (Saturday).

As well as the evening performance tomorrow, there is also a matinee in the afternoon.

The stars of the show are Diane Brisbane (Violet), Lauren Nimmo (Doralee), Anne Rice (Judy) and the man they love to hate, their bigoted, chauvinist boss, Franklin, is played by Ronnie Honey.

It’s a tale of office politics, thwarted ambition and eventual triumph as the ladies outfox their boss in the promotion war.

“Franklin is a real 
male chauvinist pig,” said Susan, “who eventually gets his come-uppance in this hilarious musical version of the famous film.

“It is relatively new to the stage and we are the first amateur operatic society locally to stage it.

“It’s also brought us some new members because we decided to run with it and I hope we can keep them on board in future.”

Tickets, priced £10 and £8, are available from Susan on 07790 346384.