Solar panel stakes up for grabs at Linlithgow Rugby Club

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A new pilot social enterprise plan that will harness green energy will be the subject of a special launch at Linlithgow Rugby Club.

Linlithgow Community Development Trust and Scottish Communities Finance Ltd are embarking on a new community bond scheme which has the name Linlith-Go-Solar.

The initiative which already has its own Facebook page and website has been discussed by members for quite some time but will finally be showcased at the club between 11am to 1pm on Sunday (November 4)

Neil Barnes of LCDT explained: “The scheme will ask local people and businesses to make an ethical investment that will support the future installation of a new community solar PV system on the Linlithgow Rugby Club new training facility’s roof.

“When the renewable energy system is installed, the club will benefit from saving costs on energy and revenue surplus will be put back into the community.

“Selling electricity from the Solar PV system will pay back bonds and create surplus for local community initiatives across Linlithgow.

“This is a very exciting project.It is also a great step towards Linlithgow earning it’s own money to be spent in on the local community.

“It’s also a great opportunity for folk from Linlithgow to invest in green energy and the community.

“If you have any queries ahead of the launch please call me on 07827 294879”

Details of the initiative are also available on the trust’s own website.