Summertime blues

150812  School of rock at the sound station.
150812 School of rock at the sound station.
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IT WAS a summer of rock for Linlithgow students last week at the Sound Station in Livingston.

Guitar students aged 12-16 and mainly from Linlithgow Academy tested their songwriting and strumming skills at the annual summer school run by professional guitarist Gary Clinton.

Students were put through an intensive timetable last Monday to Friday balancing vibrant and informative musical education and experiences with good fun.

By the end of the week the students had learned two new pieces of music, improved their theory and technical skills, written a song, improvised and analysed music and played in an ensemble.

Their work was recorded over the week using The Sound Station’s professional studio and each student received their own professionally mixed and mastered CD

Gary said; “This course is an eye opener to what it is like to play and study music every day and also puts the students under a little pressure to learn material in time for recording – good experience for perhaps realising a dream and becoming a professional musician.”

He added: “I want to give the students a recording of themselves so they can hear exactly what they sound like!

‘‘They can hear what sounds good and I can help them identify areas to focus on to further improve their skills.”

Gary is also opening a weekly Saturday guitar and music academy at The Sound Station aimed at guitarists with an interest in songwriting, recording and music technology.

It will also support high school students with SQA music exams, professionally graded exams and college/university auditions.

For more info contact Gary at