Sun shines for Queen Chelsea’s coronation

Bridgend gala day
Bridgend gala day
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BRIDGEND was bathed in sunshine for their biggest day of the year on Saturday.

The gala day was the finale to the village’s civic week which included a successful charity football match, bingo, scavenger hunts and children’s races, enjoyed by the village.

And there was no need for any wet weather plan as the sun split the skies on Saturday, and new Queen Chelsea Minto was crowned in front of her retinue.

The successful gala day came together due to the work of a dedicated team of locals who make up the gala day committee.

Treasurer Donna Kelly said: “It was a really good day - absolutely brilliant and the weather was good - almost too good as it was really hot!

“Everybody enjoyed themselves. The Queen did really well and the kids were boiling but also coped really well.

“People work hard to put this together. We’ll have a month off after this and then we’ll start again 
organising for next year.

‘‘This committee has been doing the gala day for six years but when the day goes well and the kids 
enjoy it, there’s relief and it’s worth it.”

The colourful procession left the community centre at 1pm, followed by the crowning ceremony and entertainment for the children.

RESULTS: Best Decorated Garden - 1 Heather Mckay, 2 Courtney and Dylan Kelly, 3 Jessica and Lily Mcdyre. Best Decorated Arch - 1 Queen Chelsea, 2 Declan and Naomi Paton, 3 The Cunningham family. Fancy Dress - 1 David and Nicola Smart, 2 Katy Richardson, 3 Amanda Perrie