Teddies are ready to be sent from South Queensferry with love

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They are crafted in South Queensferry with the highest regard for children who quite simply have been robbed of a childhood .

Yet those who create Teddies For Tragedies want to give these youngsters something to hold onto that goes far beyond a knitted “wee minding.”

And that is the sense that someone, however far away, wants them to know that they are valued and their needs count too.

South Queensferry Parish Church is preparing to receive a consignment of teddies, which will be blessed at services at 10am and 11.30am on Sunday (September 23).

The church has been invovled in the scheme since 1999 and more than 7,000 teddies have been sent to trouble spots all over the globe like Sudan, Syria and Haiti from South Queensferry.

Co-ordinator Norma Brown said: “This works to alleviate some of the stress which prevails when catastrophes occur .

“The simple fact of having something comforting and cuddly and soft as a teddy bear has been proven to hasten healing.”

For more information, see the Queensferry Teddies for Tragedies Facebook page.