The internet? Deal with it!

Drew McAdam
Drew McAdam
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I am all for buying British, and all that.

But when I saw something online selling in China at one-tenth of the price I would pay here, I succumbed.

Meanwhile, right here in the UK, I was jumping through hoops to get some embroidery work on a couple of jerseys.

They weren’t ready when they were supposed to be. The jerseys were the wrong size. The instructions for how the badges and names should look were were not followed.

The result was that a two day order spilled out over two weeks.

While this was going on, my order from China arrived in four days!

It also came with a free gift as recompense in case the logistics of sending their product halfway round the world had delayed it.

To all the local firms out there: I would love to support you, I really would. But when your customer service stinks, I’m not going to hang around. And neither are thousands of others.

If you want a profitable company, and you want your company to be trading in a few years time, keep the customers satisfied.

Is that such a difficult concept?