Tourist scams are costing holidaymakers hundreds

New research has revealed the most widely known tourist scams and the shocking monetary value of '˜holiday mishaps'

Sunday, 26th February 2017, 8:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 9:07 am
Looks an ideal place to have a break from lthe stress of everyday life - but are you at risk of a tourism scam?

The survey of 2,000 adults by Satsuma Loans showed that while on holiday, the average person saves £460 for spending money.

This doesn’t include the extra luggage charge that 1 in 5 Brits are faced with at the airport. When arriving at the hotel, 1 in 4 travellers find they have to pay extra just to use the Wi-Fi and 43 per cent of people in Britain are hit with tourist tax at the end of their stay.

The most common issues faced on holiday:

Flight delay lasting over three hours – 32%

Charges for Wi-fi – 26%

Having liquids taken from you due to hand luggage policies – 25%

Excessive luggage charges – 19%

Charges for air conditioning – 15%

Lost luggage – 14%

Hotel had no record of your booking – 7%

Hotel/accommodation double booking – 6%

Charge for not printing boarding card – 5%

Charge for staying too long in the airport car park – 5%

Hotel/accommodation not accepting your booking – 5%

Charge to bring back items – 3%

The nationwide research also revealed that the true cost of a holiday can exceed initial expectations as travellers often forget to incorporate transport and clothing into the equation. But just how much does the average UK holidaymaker will spend to enjoy a few days away in the sun?

The actual holiday package – £713.16

Spending money – £458.70

Transport – £155.98

Upgrades – £98.73

Pet care – £86.70

Clothes for my children – £84.96

Clothes for yourself – £80.62

Insurance – £70.07

Parking at airport – £62.80

Childcare – £51.91

House care – £51.66

Hidden costs and tourist scams are truly something that can affect everybody, even the most well-seasoned traveller. A worrying number of travellers are naive to the most common scams, with only 12 per cent being aware of the ‘Friendly ATM helper’...

Injured or child beggars – 34.50%

Broken taxi meter – 18.15%

Fake police officers – 15.00%

Free bracelets or rosemary – 14.40%

Group photo offer – 13.50%

Overbooked or closed hotel – 13.45%

Friendly ATM helper – 12.75%

Attraction Is Closed – 8.30%

Spills on your clothing – 8.05%

Fake hotel wakeup call – 2.70%

A full breakdown of statistics on holiday scams can be seen here satsumaloans