Waiting is over as Linlithgow’s new museum is now open

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The new Linlithgow Museum will open to the public today (April 19) in the ‘superhub’ that is the Linlithgow Partnership Centre.

It is the ‘new’ version of the Annet House Museum and takes the form of three large galleries exploring the town’s exceptionally vivid history.

And the venue features objects that have never been exhibited before – complete with new interactive features that bring the amenity bang up to date.

William Morrison, chair of the Linlithgow Heritage Trust, said: “The aim is for the town to view the museum as their museum. We want it to be not only an exciting visitor attraction but for it to become part of the community, so that local people enjoy the galleries, participate in the events and take part in running the museum.

“We are very grateful for the funding that has made the move possible. We would especially like to thank the National Lottery Heritage Fund, LEADER, West Lothian Council and other funders for their support.”

The National Lottery Heritage Fund funded the new museum with a grant of £240,000.

Riona McMorrow, acting head of The Heritage Fund, said:“The Linlithgow Heritage Trust has recognised the value of a community museum and its artefacts, not just as an important record of the town’s past which needs to be kept safe but as a focus for community life today.

“Thanks to players of The National Lottery, the new Linlithgow Museum will bring people of all ages together as they enjoy workshops, tours and events celebrating the town’s heritage.”

West Lothian’s Executive councillor for Culture and Leisure Dave King said:“We are delighted to see the excellent new Linlithgow Museum now open to the public.

“The opening of the community-led museum is the culmination of over five years of hardwork by the dedicated Linlithgow Heritage Trust Board and volunteers, and we are proud to be a partner in this endeavour.

“Linlithgow Partnership Centre has already established itself as a focal point for the local community and visitors to the historic town, and the museum will help boost this further.”

Crucially there is a focus on community displays too.

T he first of these, co-curated with pupils from Bridgend Primary School, shows what life was like for the children’s grandparents.

Pupils from St Joseph’s and Low Port Primary Schools have created an animation of the history of Linlithgow that will also take pride of place.