Well, it looked all right on paper!

190812 Linlithgow union canal society fun day and cardboard boat race.
190812 Linlithgow union canal society fun day and cardboard boat race.

MONTHS in the making and 
minutes in the water was the fate of many a cardboard boat that took to the Union Canal on Sunday.

The annual LUCS fun day crowned by the world-famous cardboard boat race had its usual mix of mirth and madness as local teams flailed for glory in the Union Canal. This year’s twist meant that teams had to hang gold medals round large bobbing athletes at the far end of the basin.

LUCS’ Colin Galloway said: “It was an excellent day with no disasters! From the very young to the very keen, people really entered into the spirit of the race - trying something daft.”

Special mention was given to the ‘‘Musselburgh Marauders’’ on the ‘‘Wheel of Fortune’’ paddle boat who made it round in 2 min 20 sec, coming in sixth and taking the Bill Watt Trophy for most ingenious boat design with a cardboard paddle wheel and oar. The two young girls in ‘‘The Three Little Piglets Minus One’’ also got huge cheers coming in seventh in 3 min 14 sec and taking the Novice Paddlers Trophy for best new entry.

Colin said: “The winners on the ‘Colram Cruiser’ completing the course in 1 min 17 sec had worked out the formula - paddle quick and don’t sink!

‘‘There are those who are out-and-out mad, and there are those who want to win - it caters for everyone.”

Of those that sank, the Linlithgow firefighters ‘‘Olympic Dream’’ went down in flames, collapsing before it launched, gaining the Yellow Duck Trophy for most entertaining team. Linlithgow Folk Festival Association’s music was “first class”, and there was also a presentation of the Drambuie Quaich from Tommy Lawton of the Forth and Clyde Canal Society, the last winner of the Drambuie Canal Marathon, to LUCS, now on display in the museum. For more race results, see the 
District Diary pages.