When in Rome...

180313 A Roman visitor at lowport ps.
180313 A Roman visitor at lowport ps.
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A ROMAN invasion at Linlithgow’s Low Port Primary caused quite a stir last week as a centurion barged through the school gates.

But the visit was all in the name of education, as it was Roman expert and historian Paul Smith visiting the school dressed as a Roman soldier, complete with full body armour, leather sandals, a menacing sword and a spear the length of his body.

His appearance rounded off the Roman project studied by primary four classes this term, and intrigued the pupils who learned even more about who the Romans were, what they believed, and how they conquered much of the Western world with their war techniques, creating one of the largest empires in history.

Lynda Stobie, acting depute head, said: “For the last few years, Paul has come along to the school with a wealth of knowledge on the Romans.

‘’He talks about what it’s like to be a soldier, how they made up their armies and how effective their overlapping ‘tortoise’ formation was that they created with their shields.

“It’s a great way to end the topic - he brings along 
artefacts from the time and the kids learn so much and really enjoy it. It’s well worth it.”

Paul, who travels the country visiting schools, showed the pupils examples of pots the Romans would have used for eating and drinking and, in a fun demonstration, showed the kids how to find the chinks in another soldier’s armour.

Low Port pupils finished for the holidays yesterday (Thursday) by dressing up to enjoy a specially prepared Roman feast.