£1.7m deal to benefit Academy sports hub

Children like this will benefit from cash investment
Children like this will benefit from cash investment

West Lothian Council’s Education Executive has approved a four-year partnership with sportscotland valued at £1.77 million.

Sportscotland, the Scottish national agency for sport, provides support in West Lothian for Active Schools, physical education, school sports competitions, community sports hubs and Positive Coaching Scotland programmes.

Since the Active School programme was introduced in West Lothian, participation in extra-curricular sport and activity has more than doubled and pupil involvement in school sport has increased by 248 per cent.

The sportscotland investment will also allow Linlithgow to benefit from the development of a Community Sports Hub (CSH) at Linlithgow Academy.

This will provide an opportunity for local clubs and organisations to receive additional support to help them grow and develop.

The example set by West Lothian’s first sports hub at Armadale Academy witnessed an increase in club growth from nine in 2011 /2012 to 31 in 2013/2014 and a massive growth in membership from 373 to 1807.

It is anticipated that the development of a new CSH at Linlithgow Academy will provide similar support to ensure clubs in Linlithgow benefit to a similar extent.