A&E hours must be protected


Sir, - Thank you for highlighting the potential reduction in hours of A&E services at St Johns Hospital.

I am deeply concerned about this as a resident of Linlithgow.

As a generally fit and healthy women I had little use of these services until I had children.

I am now a married with two young boys, aged five and three years and have been surprised at how often we need to visit A&E.

Many of these visits have been within the times stated for the reduction, between 11pm and 7am. Each of my boys has suffered from croup, a condition which commonly presents at night. The third was a scalding at 6am.

My husband was also in to A&E twice recently, at midnight then 6.30am for an embedded sand particle in his eye. This highlights our use/need for a local A&E service.

One time when treatment for our child was complete I found myself at St John’s with no transport and no option but to phone my husband and get the rest of the family out of bed. Instead, I had to call a taxi. This was not cheap for a family that has one working parent and no option to claim any benefits of any kind. But to move this service for my family to Edinburgh would cause me deep concern.

My concern is if ambulances are to spend longer taking people further there will be less available.

To make us travel more complex routes is unnecessary particularly to small children. – Yours etc.,


Avontoun Crescent


Sir, - I’m sure I’m not the only person confused by the advert on p13 of last week’s Linlithgow Gazette.

Only after I’d read through most of it, surprised I could add foil and yoghurt cartons to my ‘blue’ bin, yet puzzled by ‘green’ bin and ‘black box’ I saw the ‘Falkirk Council’ logo.

I suspect West Lothian and Edinburgh councils will find significant numbers of inappropriate objects in bins over coming weeks as a result of the confusion which will have been generated by the lack of clarity. A clear ‘Falkirk
 Council area only’ heading would have been helpful. – Yours etc.,