A major Transition for Vennel Gardens

Vennel gardens showing cracked, dangerous paving
Vennel gardens showing cracked, dangerous paving

Plans to drastically improve the landscape around the Vennel Gardens flats are being developed by Transition Linlithgow, Burgh Beautiful and West Lothian Council.

Originally designed to enhance the amenity for the residents living there, the open spaces have, over the years, become unused and unloved.

The new proposals, which it is hoped will gain the full financial approval of the council, aim to tackle a number of problems, some of which were raised by exisiting residents.

These include an inability to use some parking bays due to flooding, resulting in vehicles being parked on grassed areas.

There were also numerous locations where paving slabs were broken, causing trip hazards, along with storm damaged trees which had never been removed.

Residents flagged up a ‘wish-list’ of what they would like to see, which included a private space with seating, a BBQ area and storage for locking bicycles, gardening tools and the numerous recycling bins now in use.

Alan Brown, of Transition Linlithgow, said: “Talking to local residents and other community organisations, there is so much more we could do with this greenspace for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.”

The next step in this ambitious, yet ultimately beneficial project, is for all interested parties to engage with West Lothian Council in order that they come on board with the groups proposals.

So far 500 snowdrop bulbs have been planted and a litter-pick has been held by Transition Linlithgow and Burgh Beautiful as a first step.

West Lothian Council has also carried out some emergency remedial work by removing damaged trees, broken slabs have been replaced with tar patches and culverts and blocked drains have been earmarked for a cleaning operation to assist with proper surface water drainage in the area.