A meat lovers’ paradise

Viva Brazil has plenty on offer
Viva Brazil has plenty on offer

There has been a lot of talk this month about Veganuary and people giving up meat among other foods for all 31 days of the first month.

I say well done to those who make the sacrifice, make it to the end and do good for the planet and the environment.

However, for me it was not an option and all talk of not eating meat ended with a birthday trip out to Viva Brazil in Glasgow.

There are vegetarian options and the restaurant is suitable to all, but it is most definitely a meat-lovers paradise.

The restaurant lies just a five minute walk from Glasgow’s Central Station and looking in through the large windows you can tell it is warm and full of typical Brazilian carnival spirit.

Upon entering the eatery my nostrils were filled with the scintillating smoky smell of chicken, beef, lamb, pork and sausage, all being slowly roasted over a charcoal barbecue.

Our waitress showed our party of eight to our table and explained how the restaurant was ready to dish out delicious portions of meat.

The aim of Viva Brazil is to offer customers the real Brazilian style dining experience.

That means the restaurant’s troop of Passadors (meat carvers) move from table to table, offering over 15 select cuts of glorious meat to guests before they expertly carve the food at the table.

With it only being mid-afternoon we all chose the Rodizio Especial, which allowed us our choice of four meats and unlimited trips to the salad bar.

If you are feeling adventurous or just incredibly hungry, the Full Rodizio includes a mouth-watering, belly bursting 15 meats and unlimited salad bar.

However for less than £10 each we were all ready to receive our choice of the best meat available and to make the meal even better, our cheeky chappy of a waiter promised us extra large portions, what a saint.

Up first was a trip to the salad bar. Normally my plate comes back empty from such a thing, far too much green for me, however this salad bar included much more than just lettuce.

On offer was a variety of salad, cold meats, stew, beef, chicken risotto, pork, broccoli cake, pumpkin and much more.

My plate came back overloaded, dripping with a mixture of different traditional Brazilian stews.

They were incredibly tasty and all very different and a great starter before the main feast began.

The first meat presented to the table was smoked gammon. The smell alone was enough to convince me, so our waiter quickly cut a large piece placed it on my plate.

Not long after that he was back ready to offer more. Rump steak, sirloin, chicken and bacon and Brazilian sausage all graced my plate.

The meat was delicious and can be cooked to your preference, well done of course.

By the time the rest of my party reached their quota of four meats everyone was full and had no complaints whatsoever.

To cap off a fantastic meal we were offered a slice of cinnamon pineapple. With just enough room left in my stomach it was a sweet end to a meaty meal.

Viva Brazil aims to give more of everything. More food, service and atmosphere and on my visit it certainly did.