A sparkling celebration

Peter and Mary together in their home in Bo'ness with their letter from the Queen
Peter and Mary together in their home in Bo'ness with their letter from the Queen

After 65 years together, Peter and Mary Fry are still enjoying each other’s company as much as a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

The Bo’ness pair marked their special blue sapphire anniversary on February 3, with a quiet family gathering in their home.

Mary (85) said: “It was great to have the whole family round, from the kids to the great-grandchildren.”

Mary met Peter through his sister and the couple began dating back in the 1940s.

Then in 1951 the couple decided to tie the knot at the Old Kirk Church in Bo’ness.

Mary said: “It was a small ceremony, nice and simple.”

The couple had another reason to celebrate as Peter recently turned 90.

The Fry clan, which consists of three daughters, six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, soon to be seven, all ventured out for a meal.

Youngest daughter Isobel (57) said: “The family always comes together for special celebrations.

“All the young ones adore their great grandparents so they love any excuse to see them.”

Peter liked to stay active and worked well into his 70s. He spent some time working in the canteen at Calor Gas in Grangemouth before swapping roles to a security guard.

During his time in the canteen Peter was joined by his wife who also helped out.

Isobel said: “A lot of couples would not survive working together and being married. It just shows how much they enjoyed spending time with each other.”

To celebrate their 50th anniversary the pair renewed their vows at the same church they were married in.