A walk through history to kickstart the Marches

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Following the success of this event since its inauguration two years ago, tomorrow (Wednesday) will see Linlithgow’s third Perambulation of the Marches.

Starting at 7pm at march stone one at St Ninian’s Craigmailen Church the ‘Perambulation’ is about four miles long and follows the town’s 1832 ‘parliamentary’ boundary as closely as possible.

Complementary to traditional Marches events, the walk is led by the Provost, halberdiers of the Deacon’s Court and the town crier.

Chris Long, chairman of Linlithgow Civic Trust said: “We are all hoping for another fantastic evening.

“It perhaps goes without saying but participants should take great care at all road crossings.

“Traffic will be moving as normal. All walkers should co-operate fully with the volunteer stewards who will be on hand to assist at key locations.

“Participants should also be aware that there are steps in two locations, one set particularly steep.”

Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council has produced a detailed booklet on the route of the Perambulation, and council members will distribute free copies at the start of the walk. In the meantime, they can also be obtained at the Burgh Halls, the public library and elsewhere in the town. The route map and description can also be found at www.linlithgow.com/perambulation_trail.htm.

Timetable: 6.50pm Ross Miller, piper, will play as participants arrive at the starting point; 7pm Provost Jim Carlin of the Deacon’s Court will lead the walk; 8pm Reed Band will play at canal basin, Manse Road; 8.30pm gala queen and chief lady in attendance at stone seven, Rosemount Park; 8.30pm certificates of completion distributed at West Port Hotel.