Academy figures just don’t add up!

Bo'ness Academy
Bo'ness Academy

Can council justify keeping town’s secondary school open?

The school has capacity for 1100 pupils but at present it has only 55 per cent of its total capacity which is by far the lowest in the Falkirk council area.

When a school roll falls between 55 and 60 per cent it is no longer up to the local authority to decide what to do as it becomes the responsibility of Audit Scotland to decide whether it is viable to keep it open.

Councillor Tom Coleman (SNP) said: “Bo’ness has a falling school roll and I’m even hearing about some people within the catchment area putting placing requests to attend Linlithgow Academy.

‘‘It’s nearing unsustainanable levels and we have to look at how we can make the most of this asset.”

In the Falkirk Council area the High School in Grangemouth is geographically closest but it has only 62% capacity.

Robert Naylor said at the meeting: “ There are no plans to close any schools right now. It’s not something we are looking at.”

Education Convener and council leader Craig Martin said: “ Although these are challenging times, we are not looking at closing any schools, secondary or primary.”