Accordian band CD launch

The Forth Bridges Accordion Band is launching its new CD packed full of Scottish traditional music next month.

The Bo’ness band will be in Bo’ness Public Primary School on Monday, September 26, from 7.30pm selling the 20 song strong discs.

Tunes range from well known and loved Scottish traditional music to old time favourites and includes songs like, Tipperary, Scotland the Brave, Waltzing Matilda and Flower of Scotland to name but a few.

The band is not only looking to raise funds for itself 
as it hopes to help other community groups in the town.

The CDs will be sold for £10 and any community group who sells a CD on the accordion bands behalf would only pay £8, keeping £2 for their funds.

There is no pressure on the community groups as the CDs will be handed 
out on a sale or return 
basis resulting in no cash outlay, meaning no-one loses out.

Contact the band through Facebook if interested in selling CDs.