Action plan drawn up for Linlithgow

Picture: for Allan Scott
Picture: for Allan Scott

IDEAS on how to improve Linlithgow were pitched to the Town Management Group on Wednesday.

Various projects up for discussion included the underpass at the train station leading to the Canal Basin.

A paper drawn up by Alan Brown (Transition Linlithgow), Ron Smith (Burgh Beautiful) and councillor Tom Conn, highlighted the rusting fences, narrow
 access for cyclists, the unappealing view for visitors, the lack of signage to and from the canal basin, superfluous mirrors, obsolete pavement, and unattractive gate at the top of the road.

Recommendations included replacing the metal fences with removable bollards, netting to prevent pigeon nesting, extra signage, removing the mirrors, slime cleaned from the walls, surplus kerbstones and unused pavement removed, and raised bed planters added.

Another area highlighted was the High Street access to the loch opposite St Peter’s Church.

The stone steps provide no wheelchair access, the shrubs could be updated, and the vertical slabs do not suit the conservation area.

The group’s recommendation was to re-landscape the space, provide a ramp or grade the slope, and use existing materials to improve the area. Strawberry Bank and the Union Road path route to Court Square was also on the hit list. Narrow steps make it difficult for cyclists and the elderly, there is overgrown ivy and shrubs at both sides of the railway, and litter, grafitti, and council bins make the area unsightly.

The recommendation was to draft in an architectural student to suggest area re-designs as part of a project, the steps could be widened and the area cleared.

Other paths for consideration included resurfacing of Shoemakers Lane, upgrading of Sellars Path, a canal access ramp at St. Magdalenes’ flats, and a canal access ramp and resurfaced path to Leisure Centre.

What do you think? What areas of Linlithgow would you like to see improved?

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