Adele’s touted to win the war

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Spare a thought for those behind the scenes of the music industry. If you want to see your favourites live, they’ll see that you get there.

For a price of course – I refer to the ticket touts.

Adele has been riled. “You mess with my faaamily, you mess with me”, she said in those dulcet tones (I’m paraphrasing a little).

A minuscule change to the law means that a resold ticket must have its seat number marked. So teaming up with ticketing website Songkick, she’s saved fans £4m by taking back 36,000 tickets, ID-ing 18,000 touts too.

Back in the day tickets were bought in bulk at the box office, where you’d send along your granny while you were at school. They’d come back with Bay City Rollers rather than Sham 69, but the thought was there.

Nowadays, the biggest purchasers are ‘bots’ – automatic computer programs which snap up tickets in their thousands.

There are many questions to answer about checking ID, but these are minor quibbles. If it means that touts end up on the streets just like the homeless guys you see outside the nation’s venues, then it will be a fitting demise.

Sadly, the real criminals will be ensconced in their city offices, running bots and counting their shares...