Advice issued on change to bin collections

New recycling arrangements for 18,000 households across the Falkirk Council area will soon come into effect.

Falkirk council has asked residents to look out for information packs that should have been delivered this week.

The new packs contain all the information residents need to know in advance of the move from a two to three week collection for their green waste bins.

No other bins are affected by the changes that will be fully operational by the end of May.

The information packs contain a letter detailing new dates; a collection calendar; a waste wheel that shows what materials go where and general information regarding recycling.

Householders in the affected areas will also see a bin sticker reminding them to look at what they are throwing away and see if it can be recycled instead.

Councillor Dr Craig Martin, Falkirk Council’s spokesmanfor the environment said: “The move from two weeks to three for residual refuse can be achieved and we’re confident householders in the affected areas will get behind this scheme.

“The information packs are comprehensive and help to explain the changes as well as give lots of background information on how you can recycle.

‘‘We’re asking residents to look carefully at the waste they produce and recycle as much as possible”.

“With the cost of taking material to landfill sites rising all the time, there simply is no choice but to move to this approach and help us to save up to £1.4million a year.”