Alix pulls strings to feature in relay

Alix Miller-Watt, Bo'ness
Alix Miller-Watt, Bo'ness

A 10-year-old from Bo’ness is about to experience the opportunity of a lifetime as she plays in a hand-picked orchestra for the Queen’s baton relay event.

Alix Miller-Watt, who has only been playing the violin for two years, first took up music in primary four at Deanburn Primary school in Bo’ness.

Miss Bradley, the school’s music teacher, saw the potential in Alix and gave her a violin to take home to have a practice on. The rest, as they say, is history.

Alix’s progression was meteoric, and as well as playing at school she also joined the Falkirk Youth Strings Orchestra based in Camelon and with the recently formed Bo’strings orchestra based in Bo’ness.

The musical spectacular which takes place at the Helix Park in Falkirk on Wednesday, June 24 is the culmination of the celebrations marking the Queen’s baton relay visiting the area, and, as part of those celebrations Alix will be playing a selection of specially chosen music to the thousands expected to turn up.

Alix said: “I feel this is a once in a lifetime chance to be part of an ensemble and a great opportunity. I am so pleased to have been selected, especially since the last Commonwealth Games were held in the United Kingdom in 1970.”

Alix added: “I am quite nervous and excited as I will be one of the youngest playing compared with a lot of the other musicians.

“The music composed to be played at the Helix event as part of the Queen’s Baton Relay is a really nice piece of music especially when accompanied by all the other instruments that make up the orchestra.”

Alix will be contributing to three pieces of music and has gained valuable experience playing alongside other more experienced musicians as she practises her compositions on a daily basis to ensure she is pitch perfect for the evening.

Mum Claire said: ““As a mother I am understandably proud of my daughter’s achievements to date, however, with regards to Alix playing the violin, I admire her commitment, persistence and her steely determination to practise consistently.”