All in all it’s just another brick going to fall

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THREE iconic symbols of the Manuel Brickworks at Whitecross — the cooling chimneys — were demolished recently to make way for the regeneration of the area.

Many of village residents turned out to watch as the towering chimneys come down last Monday as it marked the end of one era and the beginning of another.

Chairperson of the local Powerstation Community Group, Iain Waters said: “Whitecross was originally home to many workers at the brickworks and since it closed there has been little employment in the area, however, this will change now that the development is going ahead. We are looking forward to a continuing relationship with Morston Assets.”

The demolition of the 120-acre brickworks is already well underway and it be completed by October this year when engineering, road and sewer construction will commence.

Property developer Morston Assets has just been given the go-ahead for the creation of a groundbreaking community, which will regenerate the existing village of Whitecross.

The half billion pound development includes 1510 new houses, a new primary school and community facilities. The project will also create 535 temporary construction jobs with over £500,000 spent in Whitecross to improve roads and to provide open recreation spaces.