Allotment scheme to bear fruit?

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THE Linlithgow Community Development Trust is pressing ahead with plans to resurrect the stagnant Kettilstoun Mains project.

Proposals to fund gardening allotments and community football facilities were given the green light in January 2011 as £390,000 was allocated from the Scottish Government’s additional capital grant.

However, progress has been slow, with the project struggling to get off the ground.

But last November, the council announced a pilot scheme which would charge a community action group with taking the project forward and pledged £20,000 to the newly-formed Linlithgow Community Development Trust (LCDT).

And following the official launch of LCDT in February, the Land Trust offered £50,000 to kick start the Kettilstoun Mains project now led by local residents.

Provost for West Lothian Council, and secretary for the Trust, Tom Kerr insisted that the project is progressing but has encouraged any interested parties to submit their own proposals for consideration.

He said: “The project is still ongoing and plans are currently being drawn up for the site.

“I would urge anyone who has any further suggestions to come forward as soon as possible - now is the time to have your say.”

The Kettilstoun Mains project is to be developed on a site west of Linlithgow’s Xcite Leisure Centre.

The land, which is owned by the council, has been leased to the LCDT as part of the community development pilot scheme.

Councillor Tom Conn, who was recently appointed as a director to the Trust’s board, is looking forward to supporting a fruitful partnership.

He said: “The LCDT was officially launched in February, appointed its board members last month, and held its first meeting last week.

“We’re hoping now to be involved in a range of community projects in the town, including the development at Kettilstoun Mains.

“Everything is still in the melting pot there at the moment but we’re confident the Trust – backed by a great many new members – will be able to develop the project in the coming months.”

Linlithgow Community Development Trust will meet again on May 11 in the hope of finally getting the green light for the Kettilstoun Mains development.